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Family Worship: A Reviving Experience

October 30, 2009

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One of the most encouraging signs in the modern church is the reviving of the practice of Family Worship. The Puritans were known for the diligent practice of morning and evening times together in the Word of God and prayer. After falling upon hard times for generations, there has been a growing army of those determined to begin this practice again. The reprinting of the book Thoughts on Family Worship by J.W. Alexander and booklets by Jerry Marcellino, Joel Beeke and others have helped give aid and direction to this renewed practice.

Two years ago I was approached by Ray Rhodes of Nourished in the Word ministry from Dawsonville, Georgia with an idea about beginning a series of books to help families as they gather together during certain seasons of the year. Ray’s enthusiasm and devotion won me over to his idea and we soon produced Family Worship for the Christmas Season. This book received such reviews as the following:

“It is rare to find solid Family Worship resources in our day, let alone one for the advent season. Ray Rhodes has provided an outstanding tool for busy fathers during this opportune time of year. May God powerfully use it in the godly instruction of our families and for the generations to come!” – Pastor Jerry Marcellino

“The Christmas season is a great time for daily family worship. If you’ve never enjoyed family worship on a consistent basis, there’s no better time to start. Whether your family already enjoys the biblical and historic Christian practice of family worship or you’re just beginning, consider using Ray Rhodes’ engaging Family Worship for the Christmas Season this December.” – Dr. Donald S. Whitney

Last year Ray worked diligently again and produced Family Worship for the Reformation Season which led people for 31 days into the riches of church history, with special focus on the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. Once again the response was encouraging:

“Imagine, leading your family in daily worship in the home, reading the Scriptures, singing and praying, but simultaneously introducing them to the history, leading figures and theology of the great sixteenth-century Reformation – all this in a fresh and interesting way, in just about a quarter of an hour each day. ‘That would be great,’ you say, ‘but it would take me hours and days to put that together. I could never do it.’ Well, Ray Rhodes has done it for you in Family Worship for the Reformation Season. Use this book with joy. It will inspire, inform and instruct you and your family. The studies are simple but meaty. The Scriptures passages are helpfully chosen. And most of the lessons can be completed in fifteen minutes. Employ and be edified!” – Dr. Ligon Duncan

This year Ray turned his attention to the Thanksgiving Season and he hit home once again. His words are informative and his counsel is simple as he leads families to remember the goodness of the Lord throughout history, including their own. Yet again the commendations flowed in.

“What a complete joy it is to offer my blessing and recommendation of Ray Rhodes’, newest book, Family Worship for the Thanksgiving Season. Ray has given us a doxological feast of 31 creative lessons which offer the fruit of both an informed mind and enflamed heart. The beauty of Ray’s writing may only be surpassed by the beauty of his family–the precious community in which our brother has invested so much of his heart and cultivated his tremendous love for the gospel and God’s people. Not only your Thanksgiving season, but your entire year will be enriched by highly accessible and Biblically faithful reflections.” Pastor Scotty Smith

Solid Ground Christian Books has expanded our vision to include new books from living authors who stand upon the firm foundation of sound doctrine. We are honored to be able to introduce men like Ray Rhodes to the Christian community throughout the US and around the world. We are convinced that the world has no hope without the reformation of the Church, and the Church has no hope without the reformation of the family. There is an expression in Latin: Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda, which means “The Church reformed and always reforming.” It is part of our purpose to seek to assist the Church of Jesus Christ throughout the world to fulfill its mission in the world. Family Worship is one neglected instrument toward the fulfillment of that task. Let us press on to know the Lord and to make Him known in our households and to the ends of the earth. Soli Deo Gloria!