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A Welshman With A Heart For God

November 25, 2009

I first came across the name of Peter Jeffery about twenty years ago when I picked up a little book called ALL THINGS NEW. It was a book for those beginning the Christian life, and it immediately struck me as being the perfect book to put into the hands of a new convert. So simple. So clear. Right to the heart of the matter.

I soon began to pick up other books by this unknown author, and each time I found that he wrote in a way that a child could understand, and an educated adult be informed. He wrote from his heart and his words spoke to my heart. I wrote to him and got him to send me some tapes of his sermons, and in October 1992 I welcomed him and his wife Lorna from their home in Wales to the United States for the very first time. Peter had come to preach on Long Island and in New Jersey, and he was a blessing immediately. All who heard him speak loved him and were drawn to his love for the Savior, and his passion for the Gospel.

Seeking God by Peter Jeffery

This afternoon Solid Ground Christian Books welcomed a brand new edition of his justly famous evangelistic booklet SEEKING GOD. It is one of my very favorite booklets to give to those who are unconverted. There is frankness in this booklet that is refreshing. Here is a sample:

“It is for such a person (a genuine seeker for God) that this little book is written. The ‘curious’ seeker will not benefit from it; in all probability he will not read it all the way through, but will lose interest very soon. The ‘intellectual’ seeker will argue with everything and will find no satisfaction in these pages. To both of these I would say very solemnly that there is no virtue in merely seeking. You will seek your way to hell, unless you see that your real need is to seek a Savior.”

Chains Of Grace by Peter Jeffery

The first time I read those last words I was stunned. I was not used to such straight talk in evangelistic books and tracts. I know several people who came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through reading this material, and hundreds, if not thousands throughout the world will look forward to meeting Peter in heaven one day.

Peter has a heart for God, but he has a heart that is very weak. He had to leave the ministry several years ago because of his weak heart, and now he is not strong enough to preach except on a rare occasion. The ways of God with man are very mysterious. He always knows what He is doing and we must trust Him at all times, especially when circumstances seem to be against us. If you know people who need the Lord I urge you to get copies of SEEKING GOD by Peter Jeffery. It may be the most important purchase you will ever make.